About Time, GP and MMG

  • Elena Bagina Institute of Construction of Ural Federal University named after B. N. Yeltsin


Today there is a growing interest toward the personality of Georgy Petrovich Schedrovitsky (GP) and the Moscow Methodological Group (MMG). The MMG is sometimes called a sect. In fact, these people offered an innovative and tough school of thinking. The Methodology emerged due to the intellectual ambiance in the USSR that turned into a variation of the totalitarian idiotism, which had only two ways out: either immigration or focusing on independent brainwork. G. P. Schedrovitsky was sure that no one intellectual tradition could surpass the Methodology in power. Today the MMG already exists without GP. But today’s MMG is also different from that of 1967 or 1987. Thus, such questions as “What is Methodology?” and “What place does it occupy in the contemporary thinking?” remain urgent.
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Georgy Petrovich Schedrovitsky (GP); the Moscow Methodological Group (MMG); the history of MMG; ‘parishioners’ of MMG; Methodology; theory of activity; GP’s seminars; organizational-activity games; MMG ambiance