From the VKhUTEMAS’ Propaedeutics to Prolegomena of the Value of the Experimental House in the Novinskiy Boulevard in Moscow (1927-1930)

Yuri Volchok


The article has fixed four meaningful cross-sections of arts and engineering creative work in Russia from the 1840ies to the middle of the 1920ies. In combination, they provided for the unique historic picture of the spatial structure of the VKhUTEMAS’ propaedeutics. The article based on archive documents and the long experience of knowledge about the every-day life of the house in the Novinskiy Boulevard in Moscow covers its arrangement and analyzes the contents of the experimental dialogue between functional architectural and constructive technological aspects of shaping implementing the concept of "the new method of architectural thinking" published by M.Ya. Ginzburg in SA Journal in 1926.


architecture and civil architecture; arts and engineering creative work; external and internal form; art of building; proletarian culture; space frame; technology; tectonics


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