The History of the Place: Yakobi Shore

  • Marina Tkacheva BSUEL; Center for Independent Social Research; UJR


The article reviews the history of development of the left bank of the Angara River within the territory of the Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Plant. The article analyses the project worked out by N. Zhukovsky architectural bureau in the 1990s. It features recreational characteristics of the site and an integrated nature of the project. It also speaks about preservation of the historical heritage of the Soviet period - the 1st and the 2nd HPP Settlements, as well as the toponymy. The article touches upon the question of expediency of the location of the Temple of Alexander Nevsky. The article proposes to return to the project in view of its relevance.
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TKACHEVA, Marina. The History of the Place: Yakobi Shore. project baikal, Russian Federation, n. 50, p. 102-105, nov. 2016. ISSN 2309-3072. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 20 jan. 2019. doi:


Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Plant; infrastructure; recreational area; development; car parking; transport flows; improvement; preservation of the first station of the Angara cascade; toponymy