East-West Dichotomy: gaps, interaction, intercrossing

  • Olga Zheleznyak Institute of Fine Arts; INRTU;International Academy of Nature and Society Sciences


The article studies the forms of interaction, gaps and intercrossing between the paradigms of East and West. Interpretation of the dichotomy as a model and value of culture and as a significant component of the worldview is presented in the article as a process of combination of cultural norms within the Whole. The idea of ‘transmutation contact’ is proposed for the discussion of peculiarities of the notion East-West. The mobility of borders and the
ambiguity of the notion East-West predetermine different discourses of the discussion in the spaces of rational-irrational, tradition-nontradition, enlightenment and barbarism. It can be explained by the fact that the East-West dichotomy is integrated in the universe, the microspace and macrospace.


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East-West; dichotomy; transmutation contact; cultural norm; paradigm of culture; cultural space; tradition; universe