The Boundaries Where Things Happen

Georgi Stanishev


We continue publishing the fragments of the book by Georgi Stanishev (Stanishev, G. (2016). Architectural theory in monologues 1985-2015. Sofia: Iztok-Zapad). The interview with Toyo Ito was held by Georgi Stanishev more than twenty years ago, in 1995. With the passage of time, it has become only more obvious that the ideas of the Japanese master are still topical today and will probably be up-to-date even tomorrow. Japan was the first among big countries of Eastern Asia to start searching for the synthesis of East and West. Toyo Ito was born in the beginning of the period of rapid westernization, which could be observed in Japan after the World War II. His world view, his ideas and creative activity are an outstanding example of the cultural exchange between East and West.


architecture; Toyo Ito; Georgi Stanishev; philosophy; methodology


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