Keywords: Japanese culture; western countries; image


If we look for some examples of effective image handling in the world culture, Japan will probably be the most impressive one. It inherited from the centuries of isolationism the image of an exotic country stuck in the medieval manners and customs. This haughty image was created by western countries, but it flew into flinders during the Russian-Japanese war. At that time, the West (including Russia) established the image of Japan as a dangerous and cruel country of blood-thirsty samurai. The prewar years brought Japan quite a negative reputation of a predator and an invader. Anger, fear and hatred filled the image of Japan all over the South-Eastern Asia, Europe and America. Only in the second half of the XXth century Japan started to build its own positive image. So now, after several decades, anything from Japan is firmly associated with novelty, progress, highest quality and a deep philosophical approach to everyday life. The given selection of materials shows how any element of Japanese culture, from Neolithic structures to Postmodern architecture also becomes an element of the image of this unique country.

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