curtain XX


The 20th century is receding into the past, hiding behind the curtain of myths and suppositions. The world was divided into two parts by the Iron Curtain almost for three quarters of the 20th century. How did the Soviet architecture develop in the informational and technological isolation?

The article ARCHITECTUROSOPHY devoted to the architectural concepts of the 20th century raises the question: Was there an iron curtain in our profession? Or do the architectural thought and fantasy live in a common informational space which is beyond the political games?

There are still attempts to comprehend and evaluate the heritage of the 20th century. What was the Russian avant‑garde and what were modernism and postmodernism on both sides of the Curtain? A lot of things created in the 20th century excite admiration. But the last century of the millennium also deserves strong criticism. The materials of this issue present opposing opinions of theorists, while practitioners eagerly look back upon the heritage of the 20th century in all its contradictory forms.

As usual, we do not claim to fully explore this rich theme of the 20th century. We pose questions and leave the curtain slightly lifted.

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