A Conversation with K. N. Afanasiev

  • Elena Bagina Institute of Construction of Ural Federal University named after B. N. Yeltsin


In the summer of 1986, Kirill Nikolaevich Afanasiev told Oleg Yavein and Elena Bagina about the architects, sculptors and artists whom he used to know and work with. K. N. Afanasiev’s memories of
Zholtovsky, Shchusev, Alabyan, Burov, Sinyavsky, Mordvinov, Shadr, Merkurov and others cannot be
found in any book. These are the living testimonies of the man, for whom A. A. Vestin was a teacher,
M. Ya. Ginsburg was a fellow at the Association of Contemporary Architects, and I. V. Zholtovsky was
a coworker.

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