Irkutsk as a Growth Point of Freedom

  • Alexander Rappaport Scientific Research Institute of the Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Branch of the Central Scientific-Research and Project Institute of the Construction Ministry of Russia
Keywords: Irkutsk; culture; architecture; Project Baikal journal; Elena Grigoryeva; Mark Meerovich; Konstantin Lidin; new paradigm of the history of Soviet architecture; polemics


Active intellectual work is done in the field of architecture in Irkutsk: Vladimir Pavlov, probably the most prominent master of Soviet Modernism, realized his projects here; his apprentices work here; and Project Baikal journal is also published here (editor-in-chief – Elena Grigoryeva). The journal has become one of the best architectural periodicals in Russia. It often publishes polemics, which is the journal’s policy. The authors of the journal are not afraid to debate and to express challenging opinions. The historical and theoretical researches carried out by Konstantin Lidin and Mark Meerovich from Irkutsk are also of great interest.

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