The Past Interprets Us

  • Marina Tkacheva V. P. Sukachev Irkutsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts; Union of Journalists of Russia


The basic ideas of Ya. Chernikhov are considered and analyzed by the author of the monograph. Ya. Lisitsina pays special attention to the problem of form-making. She underlines the connection of his ideas with the avant-garde ideas and, at the same time, the difference between them, as well as his absorbtion in the cultural fabric of his time.


Lisitsina, Ya. Yu. (2017). Tvorcheskii metod arkhitektora-khudozhnika Ya. G. Chernikhova:
monografiya [The architect and artist Ya. G. Chernikhov’s creative method: monograph]. Irkutsk: Izd-vo IGU.
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