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Vladimir Pavlov: “Architect is at Fault in the Exchange House Case”

Andrei Katin


Vladimir Pavlov was interviewed by Andrei Katin, correspondent of the “Chance” publishing house, to comment on the town-planning scandal concerning the new Exchange House built on Vasilievsky Island in St Petersburg and the officials’ idea of licensing the architects to permit realization of their projects in the historical city center. Vladimir Pavlov, giving an example of foreign licensing practice, believes that in Russia officials should not be involved in this process. In the case of the new Exchange House the bureaucracy arrogated to themselves the rights provided neither under the Constitution of the RF, nor under our Codes.

In this situation Vladimir Pavlov blames the architect, who hides behind the official’s signature. Various dubious instructions and a common practice to cringe before the authorities still, unfortunately, exist.


Vladimir Pavlov; Exchange House; Vasilievsky Island; St Petersburg


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