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Saint Peter-Butovo

Andrey Poklonsky


The Moscow scandal concerning Southern Butovo leads to a certain “divide” between the different stages of development in our civil society. The new Housing Code, which maintenance is directly associated with the fussing around high-density development and land relations in the cities, has been a final document in the complex of regulations – the Civil Code, the Land Code, the Town Planning Code etc. These documents have defined the legal space to master. Then our cities will become property of the citizens, but not of the elite representatives, officials and deputies delegated to the governing bodies. In his interview for “New Peterburg” newspaper (2006) Vladimir Pavlov expressed his thoughts about the matters of property and the owners, the land use and the authorities. He thinks that the real estates and their owners need a new system of relations between each other.


Vladimir Pavlov; Southern Butovo


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