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Bagina, Elena

Institute of Construction of Ural Federal University named after B. N. Yeltsin, Russian Federation

From Palaces-Delubrums to Palaces-Simulacrums
About Time, GP and MMG
He Was Like the Prophet… A lecture read by Oleg Yavein, professor of MARCHI, in Yekaterinburg on April 14, 2016
No 49 (2016): nature in the city - Items about an individual
Comments on the Poem “Architecture” by Joseph Brodsky
No 50 (2016): banks - Short reviews
Peter II and Sergei Eisenstein are to blame
No 50 (2016): banks - Items about an individual
Discussion "The Decline of Europe?"
No 50 (2016): banks - Editorial material
Glokaya Kuzdra
No 51 (2017): oh sport - Short articles
On Provinciality, Greed and Aspiration for a Metropolitan Life
Ironical Excursus
On the “Alive Foxes in a Furrier’s Shop”, Proletarian Culture and Petty-Bourgeois Households
A View from the Window of an Old House
The Death of the Boulevard
On Life and Death of Squares. A dialogue between architect Elena Bagina and designer Leonid Salmin
Graffiti and Architecture