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Lidin, Konstantin

, Russian Federation

Hot Times of Fencing
Jules Verne’s Irkutsk
No 29-30 (2011): walk around Irkutsk - Articles (before 2013)
Happiness for Everybody. And no one will go away unsatisfied
No 32 (2012): suburbia - Articles (before 2013)
I Am Lucky to Be Acquainted with Decent People
No 32 (2012): suburbia - Editorial material
The Glory and Might of the Disposal Site
No 31 (2012): trash epoch - Articles (before 2013)
Trash Muse in Use
No 31 (2012): trash epoch - Articles (before 2013)
Место непривычных удовольствий
The City as a Patient. Examining the City Emotional Atmosphere
In Search of Green
No 27 (2011): green - Articles (before 2013)
Creativity in Its Chronic Form
No 27 (2011): green - Short articles
We Live Here
No 27 (2011): green - Short articles
Net Generation
No 25 (2010): youngsters - Short articles
Eden for Morlocks. The Cities’ Day after Tomorrow
No 28 (2011): after tomorrow - Articles (before 2013)
Foresight of Broken Dreams
In the Garden and in the Plot. Foresight “Human Capital Assets of the Krasnoyarsk Territory 2030”
Tokyo 2011. Congress against the Background of Apocalypse
No 28 (2011): after tomorrow - Editorial material
Architects, Bandits and Knights
No 7 (2006): coast - Articles (before 2013)
Forty Thousand Years of Advertisement
No 8 (2006): reclame - Articles (before 2013)
Мегалополис Черембайк
No 9 (2006): agglomeration - Articles (before 2013)
Мотыга или компьютер
Предчувствие полицентричности
No 9 (2006): agglomeration - Articles (before 2013)
Город в точке бифуркации
Pastry Filled With Horseradish. discomfort city – how to create it
No 11 (2007): environment - Short articles
Dancing With the Dragon (chaos and order dialectics in the Far East cultures)
No 10 (2006): neighbours - Articles (before 2013)
ПРОСТО, ПРАКТИЧНО, ПРИЯТНО. аскетическая философия интерьера спальни
No 11 (2007): environment - Editorial material
ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ СИМВОЛИЗМ. орнаментальный декор в архитектуре Иркутска
No 10 (2006): neighbours - Editorial material
Зачем аскету кабинет? философия аскетизма в интерьере
No 10 (2006): neighbours - Editorial material
Baikal: Myth and Image
Quarters, Five Layers of Happiness: Can urbanship make people happier?
Logos Circulation Conversion as a cyclic renewal of meanings
siberian-style conversion
No 55 (2018): conversion - Editorial material
An Architect in the New Reality
No 55 (2018): conversion - Short articles
Everything Under Control. Interior of the city as a manageable and managing environment
graffiti: pro et contra
VDNKh-Güell. The culturologist’s notes on Zaryadye Park
Notes on the Festival “Architectural Heritage 2016” Made by a Scientifically-Minded Culturologist
Teneri Means the Sky
Cities of the Precariat
the creative class
No 57 (2018): precariat - Editorial material
To Overcome the Precarity