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Tkacheva, Marina

, Russian Federation

Public Spaces and Their Systems in Irkutsk: Elimination and Creation. The Dialogue between an Architect and a Culture Expert during their Walk around the City
No 35 (2013): public spaces - Editorial material
Public Spaces. The Field of Interaction between the Authorities and Society
No 35 (2013): public spaces - Editorial material
A Sculpture and the Fractured City Space
Ergaki: Development. Sports and Tourism Complex “Alplager” in the Natural Park of Regional Significance
East-Siberian Zodchestvo Festival - 2012
The Meeting Place Cannot be Changed?
No 36 (2013): fences - Editorial material
The Round Table "Nomadic Ideology of Fences"
No 36 (2013): fences - Editorial material
Our Art School
"I Wish You Were Aware from What Stray Matter..." or a Siquel to the Biography of Trash
No 31 (2012): trash epoch - Editorial material
Architecture of the Corporal Lower Part
No 31 (2012): trash epoch - Editorial material
East-Siberian Zodchestvo Festival - 2011
FRESH: the Start of the New Five Years
No 27 (2011): green - News items
Interview with Ivan Sergeevich Gotovsky
No 27 (2011): green - News items
Yuri Gnedovsky's Jubilee Exhibition
No 25 (2010): youngsters - Short articles
IV Plenum of the Board of the Union of Architects of Russia
the RAACS General Meeting
II Moscow Biennale of Architecture
«Zolotaya Kapitel»: Intermediate Results
BukhArt V: “It’s a Victory!”
Облик города
No 11 (2007): environment - Articles (before 2013)
Генри Мур: мастер гравюры
Диалоги и жесты Владимира Дейкуна
No 10 (2006): neighbours - Editorial material
Near the Lake and around the Lake: Artists and Baikal
Lighthouses on the Shores of Baikal (the XVIII - Early XX Centuries)
Thirty Years and One and a Half Year
Chronicle of the Festival "Zodchestvo of Eastern Siberia 2013"
Guest of the Festival - Oleg Romanov
"Public and Industrial Buildings" Nomination
"Interior" Nomination
"Conception" Nomination
"Town Planning" Nomination
"Residential Buildings" Nomination
"Reconstruction" Nomination
"Restoration" Nomination
"Research" Nomination
"Architectural and Educational Activity" Nomination
"Public and Industrial Buildings" Nomination
"Students" Nomination
"Painting and Graphics" Nomination
"Children" Nomination
The List of Participants of Zodchestvo of Eastern Siberia XIII
Baikal: a Place to Live in and a Space to Visit
“I Feel I Can Work for a Long Time…” Interview with Stanislav Mikhailovich Grigoriev before His Anniversary
No 46 (2015): quarters - Items about an individual
Toponymy and the City, the Past and the Future
No 46 (2015): quarters - Short articles
A Small Wooden House
The City Community Forum in Irkutsk: Future Changes in the City
The Festival Guest Sergey Gnedovsky
No 49 (2016): nature in the city - Items about an individual