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Meerovich, Mark

, Russian Federation

The Welcome Speech at the Opening of the Forum of Mayors of Russian Cities within the Framework of the XLVIIIth International Congress of City and Regional Planners ISOCARP 2012 (Perm, September 10-14, 2012)
Public Spaces in the City (working out the structure of public spaces in Irkutsk)
A Might-Have-Been Museum of Wooden Architecture "Ilimskaya Derevnya"
Virtual Simulations and / or Realities of the Material World. Graduation Work 2012
Lyutsian Fedorovich Antipin’s 80th Anniversary
East and West. The Two Natures of Urbanizations - the Two Ways of Making Decisions
Семантика деревянной ар х итектуры
No 3 (2004): wood - Short articles
The Satellite Town at the Village of Malaya Elanka
No 32 (2012): suburbia - Articles (before 2013)
Место непривычных удовольствий
Ernst May in the History of Soviet Industrialization
No 27 (2011): green - Short articles
Туризм в Иркутске и на Байкале
No 7 (2006): coast - Articles (before 2013)
ОТ ГОРОДА-САДА К СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКОМУ ПОСЕЛКУ-САДУ. государственная градостроительная политика в СССР в начале-середине 1920-х гг.
No 7 (2006): coast - News items
Предчувствие полицентричности
No 9 (2006): agglomeration - Articles (before 2013)
ПРОСТО, ПРАКТИЧНО, ПРИЯТНО. аскетическая философия интерьера спальни
No 11 (2007): environment - Editorial material
Зачем аскету кабинет? философия аскетизма в интерьере
No 10 (2006): neighbours - Editorial material
Fences in the Quarter 130. Project and Realization
Problems of Town-Planning Education
No 25 (2010): youngsters - Short articles