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Smirnova, Olga

, Russian Federation

A Courtyard in Krasnoyarsk
Hyde Park. In Search of Orators
“Frigate NEO” Residential Complex
Yenisei Kizhi. The Church of Paraskeva Friday in Barabanovo Village
“Urban Planning of Siberia”. A New Monograph by Siberian Researchers
Walk 2. Alexandrovsky Boulevard. From the Museum of Local Lore to Strelka
The Vth Architectural Non-Stop in Krasnoyarsk
News of the Krasnoyarsk Union of Architects
Cutting down Trees
A White Curb as Prisons' Heritage
Wisley's Mistakes
No 36 (2013): fences - Short articles
Gertrude Jekyll’s Brilliant Hand
No 32 (2012): suburbia - Short articles
The Garden of Painting and Music
No 31 (2012): trash epoch - Articles (before 2013)
Привет из Красноярска
No 11 (2007): environment - Short articles
Light Festival near Krasnoyarsk