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Zheleznyak, Olga

, Russian Federation

Жилой дом на ул. 4 Советская в Иркутске
No 4 (2020): dwelling - Short articles
«Домовые» росписи (росписи как система идентификации и отражения картины мира)
No 4 (2020): dwelling - Articles (before 2013)
Дворец бракосочетания в г. Иркутске
The City as a Space of Cultural Identity. Images of the City
Baikal as an Image of the Territory. Baikal Iconography
Baikal is a Territory of Creation: Baikal-Keramistika 2013
Zheleznovodsk 2015: IRNRTU Design Department at the International Review Competition of Graduation Projects on Architecture and Design
Environmental Potential of Embankments: Formation of Urban Recreation in Irkutsk
No 46 (2015): quarters - Short articles
A Country House as an Individual Living Space and an Identity System
No 51 (2017): oh sport - Short reviews